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JY/ZMS series pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator (referred to as PSA oxygen generator), according to the
principle of pressure swing adsorption, using special molecular sieve under normal temperature and low pressure conditions, choose to adsorb N2, CO2, H20, and other impurities in the raw materials to obtain high Purity oxygen.We
are manufacturing & exporting PSA Oxygen Gas generators. Our PSA Oxygen Gas Generators have a very low maintenance costs. These PSA Oxygen generators are highly reliable for continuous and steady operation with constant
Oxygen purity.

Functional Configuration

JY/ZMS Series PSA Oxygen Generator Configuration Features:

1, oxygen purity, pressure, flow on-line monitoring

2, man-machine operating system

3, molecular sieve automatic compression

4,Pneumatic valve switching is automatically switched by programmable controller

5, frozen air dryer, filter automatic sewage


JY/ZMS series PSA oxygen generators have low energy consumption, simple operation, and low equipment investment
costs. Widely used in many industries.

JY/ZMS Series PSA Oxygen Concentrator Technical Specifications

Oxygen volume: 0.5-2000Nm3/h

Oxygen purity: 30-95%

Oxygen dew point: -50°C

System flowchart

Working Principle

JY/ZMS series PSA oxygen generators use P zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent material, and prepare oxygen according
to the principle of pressure swing adsorption. The crystals of the zeolite molecular sieves are cage-like structures with very strong cations and oxygen anions in the cavities, which constitute a very strong polar molecular
sieve. Under the action of polar molecular sieves, oxygen and nitrogen induce an even-order induction of oxygen and nitrogen. The polarity of the even-order and 5A zeolite molecular sieves produces an inducing force, and the
inducing force of the easily-polarizable nitrogen is far greater than the inducing force of oxygen generation, so the molecular sieve can adsorb a large amount of nitrogen under pressure and the adsorption reaches a balance.
At that time, oxygen is enriched and discharged, and then decompressed to normal pressure. The adsorbent releases other impurities such as adsorbed nitrogen to achieve regeneration. Two adsorption towers are installed in the
system. One tower adsorbs oxygen while the other tower desorbs and regenerates. It is automatically controlled by the PLC program to alternately cycle the two towers to achieve continuous production of high-quality oxygen.

Equipment Composition

JY/ZMS series PSA oxygen generator components: compressed air purification system, pressure swing adsorption oxygen
and nitrogen separation system, storage air system, automatic control system and so on.

JY/ZMS Series Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Generator Operating Rules

First, boot

● Start the dryer.

● Two minutes after the normal operation of the dryer, start the compressor.

● Air tank pressure rises to 0.6Mpa, start the oxygen generator host.

● The oxygen buffer tank pressure rises to 0.4Mpa and the booster starts.

Second, shut down

● Turn off the air compressor.

● Turn off the dryer, oxygen generator and booster in turn.

Third, daily observation of equipment operation data.

● The normal pressure of the supercharger is 0.65-1Mpa.

● Air tank pressure 0.55-0.7Mpa, oxygen buffer tank pressure 0.3-0.5Mpa.

● Oxygen machine host pressure 0-0.5Mpa.

Fourth, daily observation of equipment operation

● The air compressor oil level should be between the design oil levels.

● The oxygen generator main engine and supercharger should be able to start and stop automatically, and the
pressure is within the design pressure range.

● The drainage system should be able to drain automatically at design time.

V. Attention

● When the power is turned off and then the power is supplied or the standby power is converted, the automatic
protection of the air compressor cannot be started automatically. Press the control button and then start the air compressor.

● When the turbocharger fails or maintenance cannot be used, open the supercharger bypass ball valve and supply
oxygen directly. When the turbocharger works normally, close the bypass ball valve.

JY/ZMS Series PSA Oxygen Generator Application Industry

Electric furnace steelmaking: decarbonization, oxygen combustion heating, foam slag, metallurgical control and
subsequent heating.

Wastewater treatment: Oxygen-enriched aeration of activated sludge, aeration of the pond, and ozone sterilization.

Glass melting: Oxygen assists dissolution, cutting, increases glass production, and extends furnace life.

Pulp Bleaching and Papermaking: Chlorine bleaching converts to oxygen-enriched bleaching, providing inexpensive
oxygen and wastewater treatment.

Non-ferrous metal smelting: The smelting of steel, zinc, nickel, lead, etc. requires oxygen enrichment, and the
PSA method is gradually replacing the cryogenic method.

Field cutting construction: Field-enhanced steel pipes, oxygen-enriched cutting plates, mobile or small oxygen
generators can meet the requirements.

Oxygen for petrochemicals and chemical industry: Oxygen reaction in petroleum and chemical processes Oxygen-enriched reactions are used instead of air to

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